Wednesday, July 06, 2005

Doing Keith Lango ;-)

Ok, so Animation Mentor sounds GREAT. But lets be honest here. I'm not a rich guy. Nor do I see myself becoming rich in the near future. Therefore when it comes to Animation Mentor, it's only ever going to be up there along with that dream of working at that animation company that starts with the letter 'P' (unless I suddenly hit the lottery without even playing).

Therefore, I've come to the conclusion that Mr. Lango's Monthly video tutorials will feed my hunger for furthering my animation skills. And to be honest - they're bloody great! :D For my measly £7.50 a month I've been able to get some dam nice tips on stuff. It basicly pays for itself, not that I've cut out 2 McDonalds trips a month or anything.....ahem...

Teaching yourself can be rewarding, but can often take longer. Personaly I prefer being taught something by someone. Keith's video tutorials are great and talk you through without making you feel small. I also like the personal touch you get when he himself gets infront of the camera and talks to you. Go Keith! Visit Keith Lango's Website!!!

Well, lets see what I can muster up this month. There is this month's 10second Club, CGTalk's latest Animation Session and that dam Obsticle Course animation I've been working on (for what seems like an eternity). Let's see which one makes it out the door first.....

Laters peeps!