Sunday, July 15, 2007


Allo all. Not updated in a while so thought I would land an update on you :)

I have been working my arse off recently - basicly since January I havn't had a day off! The group project got done, then I moved onto this:

It is a short film Written, Directed and Animated by Matthew Walker. I was a background artist and shadow animator. Was great fun and a hell of a lot of work to do in only 4 weeks! We managed and got it to deadline (but not without being up for almost 3 days straight! That's dedication for you!). Animation was done in Flash and backgrounds was a Maya/Photoshop job. Shadows were animated in After Effects.

I can't post the film online as of yet but rest assured it is fantastic.

More work incoming also, as I've just recently completed another project with Matthew working on a few TV Adverts for Arthur Cox Animation as part of work experience and also some freelance work for them. They're great guys!

Cya soon people.


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